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Arigatou International is a non-profit organization working towards bringing people from all walks of life together to build a better world for children. We are “All for Children” and “All WITH Children” as well, and draw on universal principles of common good to offer compelling new ways for people of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds to come together to address children’s issues.

Arigatou International develops and sustains unique multi-stakeholder initiatives designed to ensure that all children are treated with dignity and respect, have the opportunity to freely pursue their full human potential and that their rights are respected.

We recognise that, as an interfaith and child rights-based organisation, we have a moral responsibility to promote and ensure the protection and meaningful participation of children, especially those with whom we work or are in contact.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child affirms that children are not passive recipients, rather they have rights and are entitled to be heard and meaningfully involved in decisions that affect them in accordance with their evolving capacities.

To respond to this commitment Arigatou International developed this guide to support Arigatou International members to protect and create meaningful opportunities for children to actively participate in the activities they are involved.


The guide was developed in collaboration with all initiatives of Arigatou International and building on the experience and expertise of its members working with and for children directly.

This guide aims at supporting the implementation of the Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct developed by Arigatou International and that applies to all its members, partners and associates.  

In the form of an online community, this guide provides useful resources to support Arigatou International members in ensuring meaningful participation of children in all the activities they carry out. This online space is also a platform for our members and partners to share and exchange good practices and successful experiences of projects involving children or led by them.  


This guide should be a reference tool in all activities and projects that aim at involving children directly or indirectly in the initiatives of Arigatou International.

The guide can be used as an ongoing resource to strengthen the knowledge on child protection and participation and to support the organisation of projects and events that foster children’s participation and protection.