Forum: What have you discovered?

What is an “aha moment,” exactly? An “Aha moment” is officially defined as a moment of sudden inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension.

Is when a great idea or the solution to a problem suddenly comes to your mind after a time of reflection.

So far we have seen...

  • In Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 we have seen what the CRC is and we have learned about its 4 principles.

  • In Lesson 3 we have heard stories of children who had their rights neglected and the powerful actions that they took to change these situations. We also had the time to reflect on our own realities, and maybe some of us have identified rights that are not been fully exercised in our communities. 

  • Finally, in Lesson 4 we have briefly seen that religious teachings and child rights are not that far apart, and that actually our faith communities can support us in promoting and realizing the rights of the child.

After all this, have you experienced an AHA moment?
We invite you to share what you have discovered during this learning module. Whatever is in your mind, feel free to let your ideas flow.

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