Response to COVID-19: Voices of Children


Message from Youth Leader Hansa

Youth Leader Hansa.

Name: Hansa
Gender: Male
Age: 11 years
Religion: Buddhist
Country: Sri Lanka
District: Colombo

As a child my interaction during playtime with my friends has now been halted due to the curfew. Even though I dislike the current restriction, I understand how important it is to live in isolation at this point. I think I am getting impatient because I am not used to living like this. I respect all those who are dealing with the containment especially my parents who provide for and tolerate me.

The message I want to share to the world is to stop accusing other countries or people for the prevailing of the virus. We must not argue about such things. We have to unite as one and that is the requirement now. I am happy that all the wars in the world have stopped too. Children who were being persecuted across the world can now enjoy some peace.

I feel everyone needs education specifically on how to contain the virus. This self-isolation period has also created time for people to be with their families, cook, talk, watch television, eat, read, relax and play together. I also think about children who don’t have families or families who don’t have food and medication during this period. I feel we must do more to help them. We have to think about every living being in this world.

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