Response to COVID-19: Voices of Religious Leaders


Take Precautions and Trust GOD

The world is going through tough times due to the Coronavirus, which is spreading at a rapid rate, and affecting the lives of many.

We need to know that facing challenges and difficulties is part of life according to the Islamic belief. It is ultimately God who controls our affairs and He will provide support. We should not underestimate His.

We should not overreact; at the same time, we should not be oblivious about a situation and do nothing! Let us work together and take all the necessary health precautions to contain the virus, and rely upon Him and ask Him for good to come from such situation. Taking necessary means and relying upon God is something that is emphasized in most beliefs.

We must work together without blaming anyone or anything. We pray for the affected and hope that the world comes out of these dark times.

By Sh. Sabry Muhammad

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