Catalyzing Joint Actions to Address the Impact of Covid-19 Impact on Children

Participation by invitation only. This session is not live streamed.

The Roundtable is co-organized by Arigatou International, the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty (TBC), the Global Partnership to End Violence against Children, Religions for Peace, UNICEF and World Vision International to discuss COVID-19 impact on violence against children and poverty; and to empower children to fully participate in the decisions and programs that affect them. Through inter-generational dialogue between people of different cultures and beliefs, children will be at the centre of the discussions fostering their ethical reflections about the world, their interconnectedness and sense of belonging to a global community. The Objectives of the roundtable are:

  • To reflect on the impact of COVID-19 on the well-being of children; 
  • To identify and discuss recommendations addressing the underlying issues impacting children’s well-being; 
  • To catalyse joint-actions and compelling responses that will be highlighted, including concrete actions to be implemented. 

Introduction and opening remarks:

  • Mr. Kul Gautam, Fomer Deputy Executive Director UNICEF, Chair, Arigatou International Advisory Group
  • Rev. Keishi Miyamoto, President Arigatou International 

Dialogue with children


  • Rvd. Julio Murray
  • Rabbi David Rosen
  • Muslim Religious Leader and Dr. Isabel Phiri, Deputy General Secretary, World Council of Churches
  • Kul Gautam and Paloma Escudero, Global Director of Communication from UNICEF
  • Vinu Aram, President Shanti Ashram and Co-chair Arigatou International

Thursday 19, November 2020, at 10:00 EST /  16:00 CEST

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