Terms and Conditions

The event

The GLOBAL WEEK of Faith in Action for Children will take place online from 16 to 20 November 2020. Co-organized by Arigatou International (other partners) the GLOBAL WEEK of Faith in Action for Children offers a space for children and young people from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds, religious leaders, representatives from civil society and faith-inspired organizations, multilateral agencies and governments to catalyse joint-actions and compelling responses to address the underlying issues that impact children’s well-being and enhance their participation in matters that concern them, with particular focus on the impacts during and post COVID-19.

Registration and processing of data

By registering for the event, the participant is accepting that his or her data can be processed by all the co-organizers of the event for the purposes above.

During registration, the participant is asked to share:

  1. Identification data and other personal data (including first name, last name, nationality, country of residence, e-mail, and organisation name and type. The mandatory identification data is needed for logistical and organisational purposes (for example, the email is needed for confirmation of the registration as well as a means of contact throughout the event). The non-mandatory other personal data will be used for anonymized statistical purposes.
  2. Religious information. It is in the interest of the Organizing Committee to collect information on religious Information from the participants. This information will only be for anonymized statistical purposes. There will be no other disclosure of participants’ religious information. Regarding this special category of data, the data subject is required to give specific consent according to article 9 (2) (a) of the GDPR.

By registering for the event, the participant grants permission to the co-organizers to record, publish, share, or otherwise use any written, audio, photographic, video, or other electronic copies or sound or other images of presentation(s), interview(s), chat submission(s), programming, promotional materials, translations or materials that emerge in connection with the event in written, video, audio, photographic, or any other hard copy or electronic format. It is understood that representatives of various media will attend and will be free to treat communications as on the record and subject to being referenced in their work.

General rules

The event as described above is a public event, open to those who register to participate.

The participant agrees not to violate any copyright, treaty, or legal restrictions in any country, the use of which would subject the co-organizers or their affiliates to liability.

Participants agree to abide by reasonable standards of courtesy, civility, and appropriate webinar conduct during the event.

The participant waives the right to bring claims against any of the co-organizers with respect to any of the matters which he or she has granted permissions or to which he or she has otherwise agreed under this paragraph.

The co-organizers shall have the right to exclude the participant from the event if any of the foregoing conditions are violated.

Child Safeguarding

The participant agrees to the terms and conditions regarding his or her participation in the Global Week of Faith in Action for Children, including his/her commitment to safeguard all children, girls and boys, who will be participating; prioritizing the respect and protection of their dignity; preventing any type of risk that his or her participation and behaviour may have on children; and reporting any type of suspicious behavior or action that can threaten children’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual wellbeing.

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