It’s hard for us to get used to some small changes in our lives

It’s hard for us to get used to some small changes in our lives, until the moment our life really turns upside down. Yes, really upside down. Life without life. Everywhere you look, people are wearing those weird masks, colorless, lifeless, they’re all so close and so far, away. It is much harder for young people to understand this situation, but let’s ask ourselves, should we appreciate someone’s smile, hug, a nice word, closeness after this. That it should, it is certainly a situation that must enlighten us about how much is being offered to us, and we do not know how to take advantage of life’s ideals. I hope in the near future that many things will not be the same, first of all, I hope we will be healthy, and everything else we need to live the best we can. If we dedicated ourselves to the faith, a lot would change because by ignoring it, everything that is bad for us happens. I really see the future as a big change for both the world and my life. We have to work on ourselves, figure out what we can do, organize time because at least now we have time to think about it. Also, I hope we will use the technology for much better purposes than we have done so far. We do not allow the world to change us, because we are changing the world, our own world. We are young, we can understand how to fight for a better tomorrow, and yes, that’s how we can overcome all the adversities that will befall us as we make new life steps.

Happy Youth Day!

Bosnia and Herzegovina


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