My view on child rights

I start painting from my childhood, since I was in grade 1 in School, using coloring books and my interest in art developed. I like to paint the human problems that we are facing. I draw different paintings in my class in art competitions. In this painting, I’ve used pastel colors and oil paints, to make the picture more realistic!

With this painting, I would like to convey the message that having children involved in child labor and not going to school for education is something against the spirit of article No. 28 “Every child has the right to get a good quality of education”. I tried my best to show the problem: one boy is struggling, while the other boy is going to school.

I painted this to deliver a message to children, youth, and adults that every child has equal rights and every child has a right to get good quality education, and everyone should help the children to get education.

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