2nd Call of the Children’s Solutions Lab Launched

Arigatou International has launched the 2nd call for the Children’s Solutions Lab, inviting applications from the public throughout the month of March. In these applications, children’s groups (at least 4 children) around the world are invited to submit projects led by them that can propose context-sensitive and unique solutions to poverty affecting children in their communities. The projects are expected to address the ethical challenges and the cultural norms that can lead to poverty and suggest solutions for this based on education. These children can be attached to an organization, school, social club or place of worship. While the ideas are by children and implemented by children, adults in these groups/organisations will are encouraged to be available to support the children.

First launched in 2020, the the Children’s Solutions Lab aims to support young people in taking action to address poverty affecting children in their communities through solutions based on education. The Children’s Solutions Lab seeks to promote ethical reflections among children about the root causes of poverty and how some cultural norms can impact the wellbeing of children and, ultimately, lead to child poverty. Overall, aims create meaningful, participatory spaces and opportunities where children are empowered to lead, develop and implement relevant actions with regards to addressing poverty, through education.

2nd Call Childrens Solutions Lab 2022 2

Like in the first call, applications will undergo an international selection process though which 5 finalists will emerge. The 5 will be supported through a micro-grant and accompaniment from Arigatou International to implement their idea. The first Children’s Solutions Lab process attracted applications from 37 organizations, representing 23 countries. Five finalists from Cuba, India, Peru, Kenya, Serbia were selected and supported to implement their idea. The process reached to more than 2000 children.

By being part of the Children’s Solutions Lab, you contribute to the greater need to have children as active participants in issues affecting them and communities at large.

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