GNRC Youth Committee – Action and Commitment in Times of COVID-19

The GNRC Youth Committee has taken an active role in promoting the rights of the child around the world. Since April 2020, when they started their involvement in Arigatou International, they have participated in a wide array of workshops, meetings, and dialogues all while facing their own obstacles imposed on them by the COVID-19.

In July 2020, they were invited to partake in a webinar on online safety. This is a topic that the members of the committee were well acquainted with after having completed a learning program on the subject during May and June 2020. The webinar consisted of an inter-generational dialogue. The members of the Committee selected their peer Sameer, from Pakistan, to represent them in the discussion. In addition to Sameer, the members also recorded videos exposing the main risks that children can face online and giving their recommendations to stay safe while interacting in the digital world.

Following on from this, the members of the GNRC Youth Committee were extended an invitation by the Arigatou International office in Tokyo to share their greetings for the 20th Anniversary of the GNRC. On this occasion, they recorded videos that were broadcasted during the commemoration ceremony.

In August, Carlos, from Nicaragua, was invited to join a dialogue organized by Defense for Children International to reflect on article 14 of the Convention of the Rights of the Child, referring to “the right of the child to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion”.

September was marked by regularly scheduled meetings between members of the GNRC Youth Committee to discuss upcoming events and opportunities in which they would be able to participate. Most notable among these were the Children’s Solutions Lab and the Global Week of Faith in Action for Children.

Having spent considerable time working in conjunction with adults, the children of the GNRC Youth Committee were then given the opportunity to discuss among themselves how they saw their role evolving.

The commitment of these four young people towards the promotion of the rights of the child brings great inspiration to Arigatou International to find new spaces and opportunities to promote the active and meaningful participation of children. We are extremely grateful to all the members of the GNRC Youth Committee who finish their program by the end of this year.

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