Supporting Young Children to Develop their Own Inner Compass of Moral Values

Arigatou International Geneva participated in a Peer Learning Activity, alongside many like-minded organizations to share experiences and knowledge regarding ethics education for children, and to provide inputs to “Every Child Has an Inner Compass,” a booklet on facilitating children’s moral development.

The Peer Learning Activity was organized by the Neohumanist Education Association in partnership with the Zonnelicht Early Childhood Care Center, and was funded by ISSA (International Step-by-Step Association), an international learning community that aims to promote quality, equitable, and integrated early childhood development programs.

The event was held from 10 to 11 February 2020 in Bucharest, Romania. It was attended by early childhood education experts and leaders representing eleven organizations from ten different countries along with educators from the local Romanian community. The meeting provided the ideal setting for dialogue and collaboration. Participants were encouraged to share their knowledge on education for the advancement of children’s ethical development, and shared best practices on supporting young children to grow their own inner compass of moral values.

Traditionally, moral education tended to rely on fear-based approaches to impose moral values from the outside. Religions were also a source of moral education, however, their influence has faded as educational systems become increasingly secular. Fresh approaches are needed to help young children in developing a reliable inner compass to navigate an increasingly complex world. 

Ms. Vera Leal, Ethics Education Senior Program Officer, and Ms. Laura Molnar, Learning to Live Together Trainer, attended the peer learning activity on behalf of Arigatou International Geneva, sharing their knowledge on ethics education for children. Ms. Leal and Ms. Molnar facilitated discussions with the participants and introduced the Learning to Live Together Programme and its Ethics Education Framework as a tool to create safe and transformative learning environments and opportunities to nurture children’s ethical and spiritual development.

Arigatou International Geneva would like to thank ISSA for this invitation, as well as the Neohumanist Education Association and the Zonnelicht Early Childhood Care Center for organizing the activity.

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