A Tribute to Mama Augustina Weria Mosha

GNRC–Tanzania is grieved by the recent passing of Mama Augustina Weria Mosha that occurred on 4th August 2021. Mama Mosha was a mother, sister, friend, leader and a mentor to many people. In her years of service, she touched and cared for many people who sought her counsel.

I knew Mama Mosha back in 2008 when I saw her passion for elevating the lives of children in Tanzania. Through her commitment, GNRC–Tanzania and Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) Tanzania Office, fostered a stronger relationship for the well-being of children. Mama Mosha served as the Programs Officer for the NCA Tanzania Office from 2008–2017. More specifically she devoted her entire life to her community, to advocate for children’s rights and empower young people.

Her impact on children was felt at the grassroots level. Through her efforts, many people are aware of children’s rights. Her desire to help the youth drove them to be responsible members of the community. The youth now have a voice to address issues affecting them including climate change, interfaith dialogue, governance, gender based violence, and economic empowerment.

Mama Mosha lived a humble and happy life. She loved sharing with no expectation of receiving anything in return, as the Bible teaches us, “There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.” – Acts 20:35.

Towards her retirement in 2019, she joined the GNRC–Tanzania Advisory Board, and through her counsel she guided GNRC–Tanzania and other institutions like the Sister Dogodogo Centre for Street Children. Mama Mosha believed in promoting an ethical culture based on good values through the Learning to Live Together approach, a program championed by Arigatou International’s Ethics Education for Children.

What do we take home from her life? We must reflect on her life achievements and emulate her resilience, hard work and success. That way, her legacy will live in on.

We can never pay you for the unconditional service you gave to children, but seeing their radiance is truly priceless. So thank you so much Mama Mosha and glory be to God for giving us a chance to celebrate your work.

We pray for your rest and future resurrection our beloved Mama!

Mama Joyce A. Mdachi,
Coordinator, GNRC–Tanzania.

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