GNRC Romania

Responding to children’s needs in the refugee crisis in Ukraine
GNRC members across the globe continue to show their solidarity with the children and people of Ukraine.

GNRC members in Romania, led by their Coordinator, Ms. Laura Molnar, implemented several school projects to accommodate refugee children fleeing from neighboring Ukraine. They had classrooms in public schools expanded to fit larger numbers of children. They also held campaigns in schools to welcome refugee children and create awareness against bullying and other forms of violence and intolerance, among local students.

In collaboration with AIDROM (Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania), GNRC Romania organized a “United for Ukraine” event to motivate Romanian children to support Ukrainian children. Working with local NGOs, people of good will, and school children, the GNRC Romania Coordinator and GNRC youth helped AIDROM prepare and transport humanitarian support to the city of Odessa in Ukraine. GNRC members also donated sleeping bags, blankets, food, and hygiene products to Ukrainian children sheltering in bunkers.

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