Arigatou International participated in KAICIID Meeting in Vienna

Arigatou International was invited to participate in a one day meeting organized by KAICIID on the topic of “The Image of the Other” in Vienna, Austria on May 22.

A one-day meeting was organized by the KAICIID Dialogue Centre (King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue) in Vienna, Austria on 22 May to share initiatives on the “image of the other”, particularly on methodologies and strategies to promote intercultural and interfaith learning and explore and share ideas for the development of a hub on these issues.

The meeting was composed of two parts.  The first part took place in the morning with representatives from 22 organizations that are experts and leaders in the academic and field work of intercultural and interfaith education.   The second part brought together 130 participants to provide recommendations on successful methodologies and approaches to the topics.  Arigatou International paticipated in both sessions providing expertise, ideas and recommendations based on its long standing experience working in intercultural and interfaith cooperation for the wellbeing of children and youth.

During the afternoon session a panel on the Images of the Other took place providing insights on the importance of a paradigm shift on the way history is presented in schools, and the need to challenge the monopolization and manipulation of the image of the other that leads to the marginalization of certain groups of the population.  After the panel, participants worked in 10 roundtables where they shared the main elements of the methodologies and approaches of their programs.  Arigatou International had the opportunity to share in two roundtables the learning process used in the Learning to Live Together Manual, the content of its modules, its transformative approach and the importance of promoting collaborative actions among children and youth.  Arigatou also highlighted the importance placed in our approach to spirituality, critical thinking, working as well with secular organizations and people of no faith, and particularly with children and youth.

The participantss urged KAICIID to go beyond recommendations and develop an action-oriented agenda that can demonstrate impact and advocate at different levels for change.

KAICIID is providing a unique platform to ensure that efforts are not duplicated and that work is done to bridge the gaps in the field and break the silos that exist between organizations.  Arigatou International offered its willingness to contribute to this effort through its different initiatives and particularly through its expertise working with religious and secular communities and people to promote the rights of the child.  Arigatou also shared its genuine interest in learning from others and advance the work on intercultural and interfaith education around the world.

To learn more about the meeting, please visit KAICIID Website.

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