Greetings from Arigatou International!

We are writing today to thank you for everything you do for children, and for sharing our vision of a world every girl and boy gets to grow up safe and sound.

Here at Arigatou international, we are very excited about the start of this new year. We have refined our vision of what we stand for into a simple call to action: All for Children. This our invitation and our commitment to the world.

All for Children sums up our hopes and dreams and the partnerships we seek to build. All that we do, we do for children… and we work at it with all of our heart, because children deserve nothing less. We believe that all people share in a universal calling to care for all the children of our world, so all of the tools and approaches we offer are designed to bring people together–in all their wonderous diversity–to build a better world for children. 

We want it plain to see that the entire Arigatou family is All for Children, so we have introduced new, simplified logos for Arigatou International and its four global initiatives.

We have also just completed a major redesign of all of our websites to make them better tools for action… and interaction. Please visit the new sites! They are live today.

Again thank you very much for all of your involvement thus far. We owe everything that we have accomplished to partners like you. 

Together, let us make 2015 a truly pivotal year for children’s survival, dignity, and well-being! Let us spread the All for Children message far and wide.

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