Statement from Arigatou International on the Escalating Armed Conflict in Ukraine

Gravely concerned about the 7.5 million children affected by the escalation of violence and armed conflict in Ukraine, we at Arigatou International call for, and pray for, an immediate cessation of all military aggression, and for the quick provision of aid and assistance to all civilians, especially women and children and their families. We support the UN Secretary General’s call for an immediate cessation of hostilities to protect children from violence and the violation of their rights, and a return to bilateral negotiations for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Every religion values life and prohibits the taking of human lives. We therefore ask all people of faith everywhere to join us in solidarity to oppose this war in Ukraine which is causing death, pain and suffering. We pray for all decision-makers to be filled with a spirit of great wisdom and a heartfelt commitment to put an end to this armed conflict and violence.

We call in particular on all political and faith leaders to unite and for the entire human family to come together to protect the children of Ukraine. Children are our present and our future. If we fail them, we fail our world’s prospects for peace.  At Arigatou International we firmly believe that together we can build peace and protect the precious children of this wondrous human village we call home.

Arigatou International

March 2, 2022

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