Our Approach


Arigatou International is dedicated to securing the well-being and rights of children everywhere, by bringing together people of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds. In Arigatou International children are at the center of all we do and how we do it. We work to ensure the creation of safe spaces and learning opportunities, free from any form of violence, where children can fully express themselves, participate, engage with people of different cultures and beliefs, and become actively engaged in our work and in their communities.

Arigatou International has great faith in children. Children and young people are deeply respected and valued partners in every Arigatou International initiative. We are strongly committed to listening to children with empathy and respect, and welcome their wisdom and recommendations, working side by side with them. We are committed to ensuring that every action taken in our work promotes children’s dignity, rights, and opportunity to freely pursue their full human potential.

We affirm children’s human dignity by ensuring their protection and supporting them to develop fully physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually. We support the creation of opportunities for them to be empowered to participate and take action, for their voices and opinions to be taken into account, to think critically, and to be encouraged to develop themselves in relation to others and to transform the world around them, embracing ethical values and building faith in that which people refer to as God, Ultimate Reality or Divine Presence.

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