The GNRC is the leading global interfaith network devoted to working for child rights and other children's issues. Its membership and partners include a diverse group of religious leaders, faith-based organizations serving children, development workers, and UN agencies such as UNICEF and UNESCO. The GNRC was founded in May 2000 and it conducts region-wide and local programs to improve children's lives in Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and South Asia.

GNRC Youth
Inspired, motivated and willing to make a difference in their societies -- these are some of the characteristics of the youth involved in the Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC). Many participated in the workshops held to develop Learning to Live Together: An Intercultural and Interfaith Programme for Ethics Education, carried out by the Interfaith Council on Ethics Education for Children. GNRC Youth have become a strong voice within the GNRC as a whole and in their local communities, even nationally. Arigatou International is committed to empowering youth to help shape the GNRC and to equip them with knowledge, attitudes and skills for the powerful work they do among their peers.

GNRC has been involved in a joint study project with UNICEF titled Children in World Religions. The study project aimed at assessing how the child, children and young people are portrayed in religious scriptures, are cared for, are ministered to and are treated in religious communities and how young people view themselves in their religious context. The study brought together scholars from major religious traditions focusing on how religious communities relate to and can contribute to the implementation of the CRC. The overall outcome of the joint study project is currently being assembled in a report, which is envisaged as a resource for a multitude of constituencies, most importantly for religious communities, religious and faith based NGOs and for UNICEF country offices.


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