of Faith in Action for Children


What Can You Do?

The Global Week of Faith in Action for Children brings together children and young people from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds, religious leaders, representatives from civil society and faith-inspired organizations, multilateral agencies and governments to catalyze joint-actions and compelling responses to address the underlying issues that impact children’s well-being and enhance their participation in matters that concern them, with particular focus on the impacts during and post COVID-19.

How Everything Started

In March 2020, Arigatou International took action through several activities around the world to support, protect and empower children during the COVID-19 pandemic!

We created spaces for children and youth to tell us how they were doing, to share their concerns and their needs, but also their ideas and reflections.


We connected virtually with many people, including religious leaders, people working to protect children, educators and youth to talk about how best to support children and ensure that they are protected.   We have also come together to pray with people from different religions around the world, and we developed several materials, booklets, videos and messages. See them here. 

We know these are difficult times and that many of you have taken actions to help others in your communities. 
We have listened and worked together with many of you!  

We Have Now Realized...

We need more time and spaces to create new connections for working together to ensure the rights of children and their well-being are a priority in this time of crisis. So, we decided to organize the Global Week of Faith in Action for Children.

Did You Know...

That the right of all children to be heard and have their views taken seriously is in Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)?

Article 12 also ensures the right of children to participate in decisions that affect them, according to their level of maturity.

In Arigatou International we take this very seriously, and this is why we are inviting you to share with us your opinions and stories during the Global Week as well as showing us how we can work harder to protect your rights and well-being.


16- 20 November 2020


Children and young people from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds, religious leaders and representatives from other organizations working with and for children.


To share how COVID-19 has affected your life, to tell your story about how you have managed the situation, to present your actions and learn from others how to support and empower other children and youth around you, to discuss with other children and adults how we can work better to protect and promote children’s well-being and create a better world for children and youth and make joint decisions for action.

What Can You Do?

Child-led Session

Virtual sessions for you to get involved and have your voice heard.
You together with other children can organize and lead these sessions. As long as the session is related to the thematic of the Global Week, you are free to choose the topic, the format, the audience of the session. If you want to take the leadership of one of these sessions click here to learn more.
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An opportunity to dialogue with the President of Arigatou International, Rev. Keishi Miyamoto.
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Virtual Exhibition

A virtual exhibition for you to share your views and experiences.
Showcasing the fantastic contributions from children and young people about how they are dealing with the pandemic and what they expect for the future, this animated exhibition will be shown during the days of the Global Week and will be full of drawings, poems, photos, videos. To learn more, click here.
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Regional Interfaith Prayer for Children

Interfaith prayers.
Some children from diverse regions will be participating together with adults in regional prayers. If you want to attend this, click here to learn more.
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Children’s Solution Lab

A Solution Lab Award for you to submit a project.
This is an amazing opportunity for you to come up with your own unique solutions to address child poverty through education. You can organize a local event with other children in your community and if you have a good project in your hands, you can submit it for an international selection process and receive support from Arigatou International to implement it. Learn more here.
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Do You Have
Any Questions?

Or other ideas of how you and many other children around the world can contribute and get involved in the Global Week?

What About Your Safety Online?

Children’s protection and safeguarding is always our priority, and it won’t be different during the Global Week. To protect your identity and dignity, we will request all participants to register for sessions. And during our online events and activities we will always follow the guidelines of our Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct to make sure you are safe and treated with respect. 

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