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Member of the GNRC Youth Committee 2019​

I am Aakash. I am living in Coimbatore, India. I have completed my grade 12 and I have joined B.Sc Mathematics in PSG College of Arts and Science in Coimbatore.

I am living with my mother, father and my younger brother. I play with my friends in my free time. My hobbies are writing poems, reading books and listening music. I like to eat curd rice. My inspiration is Swami Vivekananda. I am very sportive and an encouraging person. Thank you.

See below what I’ve written and produced during my experience as member of the GNRC Youth Committee 2019 and after.

India, 2019

Blog Posts by Aakash

Message from Aakash during the COVID-19 pandemic

During Covid-19 pandemic, Aakash encourages adults to take advantage of the confinement to spend more quality time together with children.
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Message from Aakash on International Children’s Day

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Video: Interview with Mr. Antonio Salimbeni

Mr. Antonio Salimbeni, representative of the Focolare Movement, from Italy, is working for the wellbeing of all people in the society. In September 2019, while ...
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POEM: Realize the child’s rights

Art is a very good platform to express your thoughts in a particular context. Poems are the short versions of prose. It is the quickest ...
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