POEM: Realize the child’s rights

Art is a very good platform to express your thoughts in a particular context. Poems are the short versions of prose. It is the quickest way to create awareness. In that way, I decided to present a poem on the importance of Child Rights. As the title is “REALIZE THE CHILD’S RIGHTS” the children get to know about their rights and the society has to help them to know their rights. So here is a crisp and clear poem.


The world’s one third,

Precious gift of “God”

Future of this world

Raise them to the skies

Realising their rights

Nurture them to fly

To see them fly high

Associate them with society

With name and nationality

Let them quote their voices

To express their thoughts

East, West, North or South

Let them be happy to live in the earth

With rights to equality

Beheading the discrimination

Cherish them to be their own

To practice any religion

Educate with knowledge and wisdom

They will be better solution givers

As flexible as clay

Let them have the right to play

As hail and healthy

Let them have good health care

Don’t maltreat

Let open the jolly gate

Don’t punish in cruel

Let correct with love

No child labor

Let them enjoy in favor

No sexual violence

Let them in the world of silence.

Rights! Rights!

Child Rights!

Realize the Rights of Children!

Responsibility of the surroundings!

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