Child safeguarding is the responsibility that organizations have to keep all children they work with safe.  This includes taking proactive measures and actions to ensure that their staff, operations, and programs do not harm children, and that any concerns regarding children’s safety are reported and appropriate responses are put in place. Child safeguarding encompasses the prevention of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect and maltreatment of children. 

How we work

Watch this child-friendly animation to learn more about how Arigatou International works to protect the dignity and safety of all the children involved in our programs and activities. 

Our Policy and Code of Conduct

Our Child Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct provides guidelines for all our staff members, volunteers, and partners to keep children safe. 

Click below to review our Policy in English or Spanish, a child-friendly version of the Policy,  as well as guidelines to ensure children are treated with dignity and respect on online platforms.


Learn what to do if you have a concern regarding the safety of children involved in our programs or fill out our form to report a case of abuse. 

Do you have a safeguarding concern?

Learn what to do if you have a concern regarding the safety of a child involved in our programs,
and find a form if you need to report a case of abuse.

Creating Safe Environments​

Ensuring children’s safety requires the creation of safe environments for their participation, and learning. Part of our work involves training adults on how to create these environments for children. We have also invited children to tell us how to achieve this. 

Child Rights to Be Safe

Several articles in the Convention on the Rights of the Child affirm the responsibilities and duties that adults and governments have to ensure that every child is safe and free from any kind of abuse. Discover what the CRC has to say about safeguarding children.  

From the field

Empowering Girls through education to end FGM

A young Arigatou International collaborator shares a powerful story about the devastation of female genital mutilation and the hope education offers to end this harmful practice in her country.

Listen to what children from GNRC Tanzania have to say about corporal punishment and what they are doing in their Peace Clubs to challenge it.
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