Creating Safe Environments

Child safeguarding is the responsibility that organizations have to keep all children they work with safe. This includes taking proactive measures and actions to ensure that their staff, operations, and programmes do not harm children, and that any concerns regarding children´s safety are reported and appropriate responses are put in place. Child safeguarding encompasses the prevention of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect and maltreatment of children. This requires the creation of safe environments for children’s involvement, participation and learning.

Our programs help challenge all kinds of violence against children and create safe environments for children to feel protected, respected, and their voices heard.

Read the GNRC Fifth Forum Declaration on Ending Violence against Children, to learn about how Arigatou International partners, including religious leaders, commit to create safe environments for children around the world and challenge violence in all its forms.

GNRC Tanzania

Listen to what children from GNRC Tanzania have to say about corporal punishment and what they are doing in their Peace Clubs to challenge it.

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