4 ways you can take part in IDEP 2022 – Ideas Toolkit

What is IDEP?

The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (IDEP), October 17th 2022, is an opportunity to increase awareness, community actions and advocacy towards ending child poverty.

This year’s IDEP theme is “Dignity for All in Practice: The Commitments we Make Together for Social Justice, Peace and Planet.”

Across the world, about 1 billion children are multidimensionally poor, meaning they lack basic necessities such as nutritious food, quality education or healthcare. This IDEP, we are called to speak up and tackle the underlying issues that cause child poverty. These include social and economic inequalities, corruption, violent conflicts, climate change and environmental degradation, and violence against children.

As we continue to celebrate 10 years of Arigatou International’s End Child Poverty initiative, we invite you to commemorate the IDEP October 17th 2022 together with us, through the ECP@10 Campaign.

4 Ways You Can Participate:

  1. Make a pledge towards ending child poverty

Participate in the 10-for-10 challenge through making an ECP@10 pledge for action. These are impactful individual, group and community actions that empower children and help them to overcome poverty. You can choose to volunteer your skills and expertise during the IDEP, October 17th, by serving children affected by poverty. Or make it a long-term engagement by becoming a regular End Child Poverty volunteer in your community. You can also work together with your friends and your network to donate funds or other necessary resources, towards benefitting children in your community. On our website, we have provided 10 simple action ideas you can undertake. Any action, big or small, counts. Use this link to make your ECP@10 pledge through our website.

  • Grow with children: Plant trees

During IDEP, October 17th, and throughout the month of October 2022, join us as we commit to mobilise planting of 1,000,000 trees across various locations. You can grow 1 tree, 10 trees, 1,000 trees, or any number of trees according to the resources available to you. Invite your friends and other organisations you to join you. Consider sponsoring another organisation by providing them with seedlings, space to grow the trees, or funds to support tree-planting in their location.  By taking part in the tree planting, we are all together contributing in positive climate action and safeguarding the environment. Find out more, on our website.

  • Empower children

Create opportunities to listen to children and to work together with children in developing solutions to alleviate child poverty. Consider working with local schools, social clubs, or faith-based institutions in your community, to create safe spaces for children to commemorate IDEP and participate in the ECP@10 campaign. For more information on enhancing meaningful children’s participation, check out our free resources, including a free online course, on our website.

  • Share your Story

Make your IDEP, October 17th, commemoration memorable by talking about it through your social spaces. Let people know what you are doing towards ECP@10, and how they too can take action. Share your ideas on how your community can come together to end child poverty, as well. Follow us on social media and post your stories and photos using the ECP@10 online community hashtags: #EndChildPovertyAt10 and #ECPat10 and #AllforChildren

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Subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to know about upcoming ECP@10 Campaign events. Join our ECP@10 online community, stay connected and tag us through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, for more updates. Remember to use #EndChildPovertyAt10,  #ECPat10 and #AllForChildren on all your social media, so that we can stay connected.

About Us:

The Interfaith Initiative to End Child Poverty (End Child Poverty) mobilises faith communities and faith-inspired resources to overcome poverty that affects children. We are a multi-faith, child-centered, global initiative of Arigatou International. Together with the Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC), Prayer and Action for Children, and Ethics Education for Children, we comprise the 4 initiatives of Arigatou International.

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