Ending Child Poverty Through Empowerment

The economic and social effects of COVID-19 pandemic have been quite destructive to many lives. Many people have lost their jobs, others have had to relocate or even sell their properties so as to make ends meet. COVID-19 is eroding the progress made in development and infrastructure. The world is on the brink of falling into further poverty due to the pandemic and children and young people are now forced out of schools. Additionally children are at an increased risk of being exposed to violence.

It is due to this backdrop that members of the GNRC in Montenegro allocated greenhouses to families from underprivileged communities in the rural areas of Pljevlja Municipality. A total of 20 greenhouses were allocated to families from different parts of the area to help them in food production. Seedlings were also distributed to improve their livelihoods. The program, which aims to ultimately end child poverty through empowering families, is set to run from February to December 2021.

Similarly GNRC–Montenegro organized 4 workshops for children and young people to discuss sustainable ways to prevent child poverty and how families can contribute to the campaign. During the meeting, facilitators appreciated the support of children in helping at home and in participating in online learning despite the tough COVID-19 guidelines they had to adhere to. Facilitators noted that the world recognized the role and importance of children in preventing COVID-19 as they can sensitize their peers in observing the COVID-19 regulations. Members of the GNRC reiterated the importance of working with and for children to safeguard their future. They added that GNRC is keen to listen to children since their voices are vital to progress and in alleviating poverty.

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